Miroma Inc Executive Team

Executive Team

Anneliese Bates

Anneliese Bates

Executive Officer

Anneliese is the Executive Officer of Miroma, which has been providing support services to people living with disability across the region for 30 years. Anneliese joined the Miroma team in 2002 following more than 18 years in the disability sector in the South East.

As the leader of the Miroma team, Anneliese is responsible for the strategic management and sustainable growth of the organisation, as well as maintaining the strong participant centred culture of employees and volunteers.

Since joining the Miroma team, Anneliese has been an integral and active force in upgrading facilities and equipment and has worked to expand the support services and programs available to meet the unique needs of the community.

As the Executive Officer of a not-for-profit disability organisation, Anneliese remains involved and up-to-date on disability policy changes and ensuring Miroma is compliant with the National Insurance Disability Scheme.

Gael Ferguson

Gael Ferguson

Operations Manager

Gael initially joined the Miroma team in 1990 as a support worker. After 12 years of outstanding participant support, Gael undertook an administrative role as Client Services Officer in 2004 and in 2018 became the Operations Manager.

Gael is responsible for the overall management and quality of Miroma’s operational activities, services and programs and ensures all support staff are appropriately trained to provide high quality care for participants.

As a senior leader, Gael plays an active role in leading by example and ensuring the best interests and health of the organisation.

Lynne Johnston

Lynne Johnston

NDIS Officer

Lynne joined the Miroma team as an Administrative Officer in 2015 and became Miroma’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Officer in 2018.

Lynne is responsible for coordinating Miroma’s involvement in the NDIS and works closely with the Executive Officer to provide up-to-date advice to participants on all matters relating to the scheme.

Lynne is essential to Miroma’s purpose of offering a range of high quality, value-for-money programs and services to NDIS participants across the South East.

Amber Kinaston

Amber Kinaston

Program Planner

With an extensive background in disability support services, Amber joined the Miroma team as the Program Planner in 2015.

As the Program Planner, Amber is responsible for the planning, administration and monitoring of Miroma’s programs to ensure sustainable and viable programs that meet participants’ goals.

As a community facing position, Amber works collaboratively with all employees to attract participants, their families and carers to Miroma.

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